Posted on: August 2, 2009 9:42 am

Steroids in Baseball

I have read many Blogs about Steroids and baseball. Everyone has opinions about who is and who was on the juice in 2003. We have people admit use, people deny use and people act shocked when they were named. The real problem, it is continuilly damaging the great game of baseball. Years ago we had the strike ( stoppage, lockout ) whatever it was and almost destroyed the game. Fans are back, the game is popular again and now this. For the last 2 years a few names at a time are leaking out about steriod use and who was on the juice. IT IS KILLING THE GAME..... All people are talking about is who was on the list and not game itself.

Instead we are getting..

Should the Redsox World Series win have an astrict.
When a player struggles does it mean he is off the juice now...
Should these players be left from the Hall of fame.

Bottom line, here is my thought.... Someway, somehow the list needs to come out, players need to be identified and move on. OR. this list needs to be burned and NEVER leaked or discussed again. This is Killing the game. Baseball is americas game and needs to stay that way. Everytime this happens and more names leak out, it destroys it more and fans get more fed up and turn their back. I love this game, more then any other sport but even myslef is getting sick of this. I am more wrapped up on the steroids and the list rather then watching the great game of baseball.....
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